At American Topper and Accessories in Des Moines, we believe that our customers deserve only the best. That’s why we are proud to offer only the toughest and longest lasting bed liners and protective coatings — LINE-X. As Des Moines’ premiere Line-X dealer and supplier, we are extremely knowledgeable and highly skilled at installing these spray-on bed liners. We know how important it is to have a durable, strong liner for your truck, which is why we use Line-X. Line-X protects your truck bed from cargo, rust, UV rays, and more.

We have always been dedicated to providing all of our customers with the widest range of truck accessories available. From LINE-X bed liners to tool boxes and tonneau covers, if it will help you organize or haul recreational equipment or tools for work, we have it.


  • Prevent water damage and rust. LINE-X forms a molecular bond that prevents water from contacting your truck bed, thus preventing rust from forming.
  • Guard against even the most extreme temperatures. LINE-X will not warp due to heat or cold.
  • Minimize noise with superior soundproofing. The soundproofing properties of LINE-X will help stop rattling and shaking from becoming noticeable, even at higher speeds.
  • Prevent the majority of skids and cargo damage. The texture of LINE-X bed liners provides a slip-free surface that stops cargo from sliding around.
  • Safeguard against chemicals and solvents. LINE-X was designed to hold up against many different kinds of common chemicals that you may be hauling.
  • Are backed by a lifetime guarantee. If your bed liner cracks, bubbles, or peels, LINE-X will fix or replace it for free!

For decades, our staff has been here to help you make the most out of your truck. When you are looking for the widest range of options that will make your vehicle more perfect for work or for fun, call or stop by American Topper in Des Moines!

Call us today to find out more about Line-X products and their benefits, and schedule an appointment to get your truck the best protection. We take immense pride in our customer service and would be happy to speak with you.