After a home, an automobile is usually the second largest investment that you are likely to make in your life. If you need a truck for work or to haul gear for recreational purposes, the average price is higher than a car. Even if you know that your truck is going to be used exclusively for work or fun in a rough and dirty environment, you still want to make sure that it lasts for as long as possible. That’s where a spray-in bed liner from Line-X that is applied by the expert technicians at American Topper & Accessories comes in to save the day!

American Topper & Accessories is Des Moines’ #1 supplier of truck accessories and the #1 Line-X installer in the country. Since we opened, we have applied more than 25,000 bed liners and we would like to apply one for you, too! Contact us today for a free estimate on Line-X products, a tonneau cover, truck topper, or anything else that we sell.

Protection Against Scratches

The bed of your truck will quickly have its fair share of scratches. The first time you load a tool box or almost anything else into the bed and push it away from the tailgate, you’ll probably notice some light scuffing or even a full-on scratch. If you leave your bed as-is, this is a problem that never gets better. After even a few weeks of moderate to heavy use, your truck’s bed might look like a giant scratchboard.

If you hate the way that a scratched-up bed looks (and honestly, who doesn’t?), give us a call at American Topper & Accessories. We can apply a Line-X bed liner that will look great and stop your bed from getting scratched up.

Prevents Dents and Dings

Thanks to the special chemical makeup of Line-X bed liners, once it has been applied to your truck and it hardens, it is incredibly difficult to ding or dent. While the color of the material itself would make it difficult to see any damage, the composition disperses shocks in a way that prevents it from getting damaged. If it is damaged and starts to flake or crumble, we will fix it for free. The Line-X lifetime warranty is just one of the many benefits of this incredible material!

Protects Against Rust

A normal truck bed is made out of metal. While it is strong and the paint helps add another layer of protection, if your bed is exposed to the elements it can start to rust. Once a bed starts to rust, it is very difficult to stop it without spending a lot of time and money. Line-X bed liners prevent rust by covering the metal bed with a nearly indestructible material. Another advantage of a spray-on bed liner is how easy it is to clean. While the paint and metal of your bed can become stained over time, a Line-X bed liner is stain-resistant and incredibly easy to clean. Just grab a hose and spray it out!

Contact us at American Topper & Accessories today to find out more about Line-X bed liners as well as all of the other surfaces that we can apply Line-X to in order to offer unparalleled protection and style. We also have all of the truck accessories that you need to turn your vehicle into the customized machine that you have always wanted. Come by the shop today and see why we have long been the first choice for people looking to maximize their trucks in the Des Moines area! We also offer free estimates on Line-X products and accessories, so get in touch to find out how we can make your truck perfect.

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