Whether you work for a law enforcement agency or you just want extra protection for your vehicle or buildings, LINE-X, the maker of the best bed liners on the planet, offers protective coatings called PAXCON for security and defense. We can also help work with companies who provide equipment to the military or law enforcement agencies in order to help them offer the best possible protection.

American Topper & Accessories in Des Moines is proud to be an authorized LINE-X dealer and installer. Our technicians have years of experience applying LINE-X to almost every surface imaginable, and we would like to help you. Whether you need a bed liner for your truck or some of the best lightweight protection from explosives and projectiles, we have a solution. Contact us today for more information or to set up an appointment.


PAXCON was developed to provide the best anti-blast and spall mitigation protection for government agencies and security contractors who need reliable, lightweight protection for equipment, vehicles, and buildings. The effects of explosions and ballistic damage can be extreme, so LINE-X set out to develop a way to minimize these kinds of destruction without adding unnecessary weight that may negatively impact the performance of a vehicle or threaten a structure’s integrity.

PAXCON is stronger than steel, yet flexible, which means that it is the perfect choice for anyone seeking an ERC (energy resistant coating) for vehicles, equipment, or any number of structures. PAXCON’s anti-spall properties allow it to capture dangerous shrapnel instead of letting it scatter and potentially cause more harm.


PAXCON provides protection for vehicles hauling personnel as well as important cargo. It can be applied quickly, and will help mitigate damage from projectiles as well as from explosions. The value of a safe vehicle cannot be overstated, especially for military personnel, contractors, and law enforcement officers who put their lives at risk each time they get into their vehicles.


Protect your vital buildings and everyone and everyone inside of them with PAXCON. Research has shown that PAXCON can absorb the damaging effects of a blast 20 times better than buildings that are not protected with this material. When you are a part of a team doing important work in dangerous areas, you need to know that you are safe. PAXCON can help make you safer.

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American Topper & Accessories has served the greater Des Moines area for years by selling and installing the most in-demand truck accessories and protective coatings. We are the number one LINE-X franchise in America, because we install more bed liners and protective coatings than anyone else. Our technicians are highly skilled and trained to complete jobs quickly and perfectly every time. When we install a new bed liner on your truck, it is covered by the LINE-X lifetime warranty, which means that we, or any other authorized LINE-X dealer and installer, will repair or replace any liner that has bubbled, cracked, or peeled.