American Toppers & Accessories and LINE-X of Des Moines specialize in providing the highest level of protection and quality to drivers looking for peace of mind under the most extreme conditions. Whether you plan on Overlanding North America or you simply need a reliable commute to work and back, a protective coating for the underside of your vehicle may prove to be a very cost-effective choice. Our LINE-X shop proudly offers a range of ValuGard undercoatings to deliver protection to the vehicle’s most exposed surfaces. The underside of your car or truck is often the most vulnerable to moisture and corrosion, and cannot be seen without sliding underneath the vehicle. We’re here to explain the benefits of an undercoating for your car, truck, Jeep, or SUV!

LINE-X of Des Moines offers rugged truck accessories and industry-leading protective coatings to help you get the most out of every mile. Keep reading to learn more about the value of investing in a ValuGard undercoating, and be sure to contact us for a quote on your project!

Protection From the Inside Out

By the time you notice there is an issue with rust on the underside of your car or truck, the damage will likely be far spread. It’s important to find a system capable of reaching deep into the vehicle to deliver rust protection from the inside out.

From the inside of your vehicle frame to the wheel wells and beyond, our LINE-X team can provide a quick and effective installation to easily cover the most vulnerable areas of your vehicle. 

Complete Protection From Corrosion

Road salts have been shown to be very corrosive, sticking like glue to any surface once displaced by your tires. If left untouched, this magnesium chloride can sit and eat away at the finish of unprotected metals, paving the way for corrosion. ValuGard undercoatings are available to keep new vehicles in pristine condition or to halt the advance of rust and deliver lasting protection for older vehicles.

Extend Your Vehicle’s Longevity

Ultimately, the benefit of investing in a vehicle undercoating is the increase in surface longevity and vehicle durability. Over time, heavy rains, the impact from gravels, and heavy exposure to road salts can all begin to eat away at the underside of your car or truck, impacting the strength of the frame in addition to an array of critical components. One single ValuGard treatment can help to deliver lasting protection from moisture and corrosion, providing you with lasting peace of mind in knowing that the underside of your vehicle is protected to match the topside improvements.

Acoustic Dampening

The layer of protection between your vehicle’s metal and incoming debris helps to dampen sound, making for a quieter ride. Our LINE-X team can thicken your undercoating for added protection and acoustic benefits.

Versatile Undercoating Products

American Toppers & Accessories and LINE-X of Des Moines are here to deliver complete protection and customer satisfaction, 

  • ValuGard Undercoating — A high-performance product designed for use on passenger vehicles, trailers, buses, and more. A classic choice for proven protection.
  • Water-Based Undercoating — Designed for superior adhesion, this undercoating is backed with fillers and inhibitors for a tough finish without any volatile compounds.
  • Hybrid Undercoating — This water/solvent hybrid undercoating is ideal for use across several substrates. A dry coating can be ideal for slightly damaged or rusted surfaces.
  • Rubberized Undercoating — This rubber coating is tough, pliable, and ideal for vibration dampening. This undercoating can be painted for added customization.

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With American Topper & Accessories and LINE-X of Des Moines, you can protect one of your biggest investments from the top down. Beyond our polyurea spray-on bed liner, our pros can also install a ValuGard undercoating for complete protection from rust throughout the underside of your vehicle. Contact us today to learn more about our truck accessories and services, and be sure to request your free project quote!