The right upgrades can take your vehicle to the next level and help you achieve newfound convenience and prosperity. When it comes to finding the best truck accessories across Iowa, American Topper & Accessories and LINE-X of Des Moines are here to help! Our shop features a range of industry-leading products and services to ensure that you get the most out of every hard-earned mile.

One upgrade you may be on the fence about is a quality tonneau cover. Designed to cover the bed of your truck and provide a protective surface for its contents, this cover has the potential to seriously improve your driving experience. Keep reading for a few of the top benefits associated with investing in a tonneau cover, and be sure to contact us for complete assistance!

The Benefits of Investing in a New Tonneau Cover

Is a new truck bed cover worth it for your ride? American Topper and LINE-X of Des Moines provide a range of industry-leading truck accessories for nearly every make and model, and we’re confident that you’ll leave our shop happy with the results!

When it comes to tonneau covers, customers are often surprised by how many benefits they can expect when they work with the American Topper team!

Trusted Equipment Transportation

One of the most obvious benefits of investing in a tonneau cover is the overhead protection provided for your truck bed from the sun, wind, rain, and more. If you plan on hauling tools and equipment across town, or you need to transport your in-laws to the airport, it pays to utilize a truck bed cover to keep everything protected. The weather in Des Moines can range from scorching sunshine to freezing blizzards, all of which you can avoid with a quality tonneau cover.

Superior Security

Beyond keeping your cargo safe from wind and rain, you’ll also want to ensure that your gear is safe from prying eyes and sticky fingers. American Topper & Accessories and LINE-X of Des Moines offer a range of rugged tonneau covers to match your security needs, from cost-effective soft covers to rigid cases. The right bed cover will keep your valuables hidden from view, and can lock to ensure that nobody gains access. Achieve peace of mind wherever you go knowing that your truck bed is safe and that your gear is protected from theft. 

Optimal Organization

The high winds placed on your truck bed during transit can create quite the mess by the time you get to your destination. A tonneau cover is the perfect solution for those in need of consistent organization in the bed of their truck, whether they are hauling boxes, tools, and more. Your items will not slide around as much, and you’ll spend less time keeping things organized.

Combine the benefits of a new tonneau cover with our LINE-X spray-on bed liners for the best in acoustic benefits and organization, as this polyurea spray features a rugged grip!

Awesome Aesthetics

Many drivers love the cohesive look of combining a tonneau cover with their other truck accessories. Adding step bars, ladder racks, headache racks, and other upgrades can all create a personalized vehicle, and a tonneau cover can serve to improve the appearance with a seamless fit onto the bed. American Topper is here to help you achieve a look you’ll be proud of, and we know the best accessories to help you turn heads!

Enhanced Fuel Economy

One benefit of a new tonneau cover you likely have not thought too much about is the improvement in fuel efficiency. Your updated truck likely features a lot of benefits, yet the drag placed on the tailgate as you travel is hurting your fuel economy. Studies have shown that covered truck beds can improve gas mileage by 5% or more. This may not feel like a lot when you go to the pump to fill up, but over time, this efficiency can result in serious savings! If you do the math over the lifetime of your tonneau cover, this fuel boost alone should be enough to justify your investment!

Proven Brands

American Topper & Accessories is synonymous with quality, and we trust our hard work and proven partners to get the job done right. When you visit our shop in Des Moines, you can expect tonneau covers from quality makers such as A.R.E., Retrax, and Access. Our team has the experience and expertise to achieve the best results for your vehicle needs and budget, from soft rollup covers to retractable covers and everything in between.

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