While you’ve probably heard of LINE-X spray in bed liners, you may not know that the LINE-X spray and its components are incredibly versatile and can be applied to almost any surface. When you need to protect the things that your business relies on every day, you need LINE-X protective coatings.

There are a wide variety of industrial applications for LINE-X. Whether you have a vehicle that carries caustic chemicals or you need to protect a silo from unwanted intruders, LINE-X coatings will help protect your equipment, your customers, and your product.

The Benefits of LINE-X Protective Coatings

  • LINE-X is designed to prevent corrosion. Chemicals, water, and other materials can cause an unbelievable amount of damage to many different surfaces. These coatings have been used for everything from preventing corrosion in oil tankers to protecting water sources from contaminants.
  • With LINE-X, you can protect the surfaces that are most likely to come into contact with corrosive agents as well as those that might encounter physical abrasions every day.
  • LINE-X is easy to clean. By forming a liquid-proof layer, LINE-X makes cleaning a breeze. Since LINE-X sprays form an air-tight coating, dirt, oil, and other grime cannot penetrate the surface of your bedliner, trailer, or other components. A simple spray along with a few suds should take off anything that builds up on your LINE-X coated products.
  • LINE-X can reduce dents, dings, and scrapes. LINE-X was developed to help limit the amount of damage caused by collisions and falling objects, and it’s useful for so much more than bedliners.

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