Paxcon protective coatings by Line-X are the industry leader in defensive spray-on coatings. They offer unparalleled durability, strength, and protection, ensuring the safety of your vehicle or building. Paxcon coatings can be used for government, military, or private purposes. Anyone who needs this level of added protection can benefit greatly from its use. Known for its revolutionary anti-spalling, force-resistant, and blast mitigation capabilities, Paxcon is more than just a spray-on coating.

As Des Moines’ premiere Line-X dealer and installer, we are able to help you with all of your equipment and vehicle protection needs by professionally applying Paxcon. Our team pays close attention to detail, ensuring a substantially lowered risk of damage.

Reach out to us today to find out more about what Paxcon products can do for you or to set up an installation. Our friendly, knowledgeable, and experienced team is here to help.