We believe that it isn’t enough to carry a bunch of different accessories for trucks and vans, we believe in only carrying the best products, so all of our customers’ purchases hold up in the long term. Check out the section below to see the options that are ready to be installed in your van or truck right now, and make your work truck or company vehicle the best that it can be with our services at American Topper and Accessories in Des Moines.

Ranger Design

Ranger Design, home of innovative van racking, van racks, van shelving and storage equipment that will revolutionize your vehicle and your work life! Ranger’s industrial vehicle designs are made to streamline workflow, look great, and last for the long term.

Aluminum and Steel Van Shelving

Ranger’s bin shelving system is unmatched in the industry with its combination of strength and rigidity of aluminum extrusions with a solid substrate shelf base. This design results in a shelf tray that is strong, very quiet, and yet does not use up excessive payload. Shelving and bin units are available in hundreds of different configurations of height, length, and shelf depth. It is very important to find the perfect application for your vehicle, so be sure to utilize the application guide as you look for bin units, shelving units, and fold-away shelving. Please contact us if you are interested in this product!

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Kargo Master

Kargo Master has been creating the toughest, most durable, and strongest van racks and modular trucks for the past 32 years. They offer solutions in storing that few other companies have been able to match, and their products work great for anyone in painting, window cleaning, construction, and other labor industries.

Truck Ladder Racks: For Trucks With Caps

This is a wonderful fit for all trucks, both mini and full-size, with camper shells. American Topper can also offer a customized fit when it comes to high rise camper shells. We also offer different options for truck ladder racks when it comes to all types of trucks with caps. Whatever labor industry you might be in, the truck ladders from Kargo Master can help you carry your most awkward, hard to store equipment.

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Truck Ladder Racks: For Trucks Without Caps

American Topper offers exceptional styling without compromising the level of durability or security! Contact us if you are interested in truck ladder racks! We have several options available for trucks without caps that will add major utility to any work truck.

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Van Shelving

The shelving we provide our customers with is of notable quality and among the most secure in the industry. It has some of the highest levels of support and comes in several different shapes and sizes to fit to your shelving desires. It’s also light, so it won’t use up much payload. That means even more storage capability!

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Highway Products

Highway Products Inc. is among the top manufacturers when it comes to the semi and pickup truck accessory industry. These products are designed to be some of the most innovative and highest-quality available, and they help make trucks into working machines.

Tool Boxes

These aluminum truck tool boxes are created with some of the most resilient materials available on the market. They provide secure storage for everything from your work materials to your tools! Our toolboxes also help you stay organized so your materials aren’t rolling around in your truck bed. The saddle toolboxes use a mounting system using a no-drill method. This mounting system secures the box to your truck while still allowing room for your work supplies. Highway Products are industry leaders and have been setting a precedent for competitors for over 30 years now. There is also a lifetime warranty with all toolboxes.

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Pickup Packs

Pickup Packs™ are innovative units that keep all your work materials and tools protected inside the bed of your truck. These units are built by bringing in the best parts of different truck tool boxes together to make a perfect replacement. You can choose between two different options — Standard Pickup Packs™ ( 3 compartments) and Pro Pickup Packs™ (4 compartments). Pickup Packs™ only require a few minutes to be installed or removed. Each of these units also comes with a Lifetime Warranty.

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Headache Rack

If you are interested in both style and functionality for your truck, look no further than Headache racks. These posts are designed with a tapered layout to match the truck cab. This also allows the rack to blend in with the truck rather than stick out like a sore thumb. With this rack, you are able to secure your work materials — like ladders or other long objects you need — but may not usually fit in the bed of your truck. Headache racks are designed with mesh inserts to protect your rear window from any damage you could potentially have. The Honeycomb™ inserts protect your truck from UV rays as well. American Topper offers different sizes to guarantee the perfect fit for your truck!  Headache racks do come with a lifetime warranty as well.

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CargoGlide offers the perfect way for you to grab your work materials, ski gear, or any other things you might need from the back of your truck, van, or SUV!  This product holds materials up to 2,000 pounds and there are models with 100% extension capabilities available. The easy-glide technology that’s built into the system allows you to pull even the heaviest objects out or your truck bed with ease, so you never have to worry about scraping your knees or hurting your back as you crawl into the truck bed to get your equipment. All you have to worry about is grabbing your materials from the back of the truck with an easy pull of the CargoGlide.

Cargo Management

American Topper offers different models of CargoGlide to fit your specific needs. If you are looking for the right product for your smaller truck, van, or your SUV, the CargoGlide 1000, and CargoGlide 1500HD would be the best fits.

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One of the easiest ways to keep your tools and inventory secure is to have a truck topper or bed cover installed. At American Topper & Accessories, we have a large selection of top-quality toppers that are designed just for your truck, and come in a variety of colors, styles, and materials.

If you need extra protection for your truck, make sure to ask us about our LINE-X coatings. As an authorized LINE-X dealer and installer, we can apply a bedliner or other protective coating quickly and accurately. LINE-X can help prevent moisture and chemicals from damaging your vehicle, reduce noise, and reduce the number of dings and scratches in your truck’s bed.

Whatever your work truck or utility van needs may be, contact the experts at American Toppers and Accessories to find out what we can do for you!