At American Topper & Accessories in Des Moines, we always have a large number of A.R.E. truck toppers in stock for a wide range of the most common trucks. If you have an older model or are looking for more options, come by the shop and talk with us — we can special order toppers that are designed to fit almost any truck on the market. When you need Line-X protective coatings and other high-quality truck accessories, trust ATA!


Customizable and versatile, this topper can meet all of your work needs, whatever they may be. The fully welded construction means that it is built to last. It is the only truck cap to ever receive a perfect 10 rating by Handyman magazine.

A.R.E. Z-Series

Engineered to be both stylish and useful, the Z-series offers unparalleled attention to detail, a snug fit, and frameless doors and windows.

A.R.E. CX Series

The perfect combination of dependable durability, rugged style, and seamless function, the CX Series fits any lifestyle or need and can be custom fit to your truck.

A.R.E. MX Series

As a topper with a mid-high roof, this series gives you a substantial amount of extra headroom and storage room than virtually any other model. Another special feature of the MX series is the unique walk-in door option.

A.R.E. V Series

With sleek and traditional styling, the V series is a classic choice for any handyman or outdoor enthusiast. It gives you everything you need, without putting a dent in your wallet.

A.R.E. TW Series

Offering a steady-rising roof, this series allows you to utilize all of the space in your truck bed. It is extremely aerodynamic and it looks good on any truck.


Made of durable fiberglass and reinforced steel, this is the tallest truck topper on the market. Aerodynamic and sleek, it can meet all of your storage needs.

Want to know more about our toppers or any of the other truck accessories that we have available at American Topper & Accessories? Call us today.